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Molecular fingerprinting of Helicanthus elastica (Desr.) Danser growing on five different hosts by RAPD.
Sunil Kumar K N KN, Maruthi K R KR, Alfarhan A H AH, Rajakrishnan R R, Thomas J J
Saudi journal of biological sciences 2016 May ; (3) :0
Parkia javanica Extract Induces Apoptosis in S-180 Cells via the Intrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis.
Patra Kartick K, Jana Samarjit S, Sarkar Arnab A, Karmakar Subrata S, Jana Jagannath J, Gupta Mradu M, Mukherjee Gopeswar G, De Utpal Chandra UC, Mandal Deba Prasad DP, Bhattacharjee Shamee S
Nutrition and Cancer 2016 May :0
In vitro cultures of Bacopa monnieri and an analysis of selected groups of biologically active metabolites in their biomass.
Muszynska Bozena B, Lojewski Maciej M, Sulkowska-Ziaja Katarzyna K, Szewczyk Agnieszka A, Gdula-Argasinska Joanna J, Halaszuk Patrycja P
Pharmaceutical Biology 2016 Apr :0
Integrative Medicine System Based on Music.
Balasubramanian Sai Venkatesh SV, Balasubramanian Gomathi G, Ramanathan Ganapathy G
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 2016 Apr :0
Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous and ethanolic extracts of the leaves of Albizzia lebbeck in rats.
Meshram Girish Gulab GG, Kumar Anil A, Rizvi Waseem W, Tripathi C D CD, Khan R A RA
Journal of traditional and complementary medicine 2016 Apr ; (2) :0
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