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Journal of Drug Research in Ayurvedic Sciences 2022 October - December ; 7 (4) :243 - 252
An exploration of the preliminary unit operative pharmaceutical process of Vajra Bhasma (diamond ash)

BACKGROUND: Vajra (diamond) is a precious gemstone; classified under the Ratna Varga in Ayurveda. More than 13 GMP-certified companies are preparing and marketing Vajra Bhasma (diamond ash) for challenging disorders like cancer, tumors, etc. After reviewing their method for the preparation of Vajra Bhasma; mostly used the reference of Rasa Tantra Sara Evam Siddha Yoga Samgraha. Therefore, the present study aimed to explore the preliminary unit operative pharmaceutical process of Vajra Bhasma with the same method. METHODS: Vajra has been analysed by Raman spectroscopy to standardize the material. The Shodhana (purifying process) was carried out with 108 times Nisechana (quenching). The Marana (the process of making Bhasma) has been carried out with Gulab Arka (rose distillate) and Kumari Swarasa (aloe vera juice) as a Marana media under the temperature of 900°C in an electric muffle furnace and maintained for 1?h. Vajra Bhasma was analysed for organoleptic and physicochemical parameters. RESULTS: 108 times of repeated heating and quenching resulted in 2.84% weight loss after Shodhana. A 9.30% weight gain was found at the end of the Marana process. 60 Putas (a measure of heat) were sufficient for the Bhasma Sidhhi Lakshanas like Varitratva (sprinkled Bhasma floating on water), Nishchandratva (lustreless), etc. CONCLUSION: This study led to a better elucidation of the medicinal product Vajra Bhasma in accordance with Ayurveda. Medicines in Ayurvedic approaches to preparation should be used to consider recent designs and practices. The soaking method of the Bhavana method is advisable in the Marana process. Keywords: Bhasma, diamond, Vajra, Vajra Marana, Vajra Shodhana

DHARA ID: D060873

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